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 Ecorpnu is a dedicated technological and business solution provider.


If the only tool you have is a hammer then all your problems are like nails


Ecorpnu Pty Ltd (ABN 27088 020 599) (1999-2006)

Caretaker Address: P.O.Box 1178, Sandakan 90713, Sabah, Malaysia.

We operate 24/7/365. Call Center in USA 1- (309) 4377071 or (270) 7178961 (Fax & Voice) For information/feedback email : info at ecorpnu DOT com

To reach the boss' email: chris at ecorpnu DOT com

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 1. Our Creations
Domain Name Registration


Jobsite for women in



Visitor System

Voucher System with

Community Website for

Website for uni

 Our Philosophy

Get it right the first time.

For most competent programmers, the hard stuff is not really in the programming or concurring with clients' expectations. In most cases, clients are not savvy enough to know the issues. For example, we took at least 2 years to create our own random number generator. Like others, we used an off the shelf one which did not work. One of our client has expectation of generating at least 1 million numbers within 48 hours all unique, so it can't use time as the seed. So we had to make one ourselves and in the course learn something about the science and maths. Random number generator is used almost in all e-commerce transactions so its handy to have one that at least pass the diehard tests. Our application has been used for airline system. and in other ticketing systems etc.

We also learn that the most difficult part of any design is planning for the unknown, which means test and more test to reveal further test. Else the clients will not know what hit them when it comes to LIVE which by that time is too late. Cost wise, for each mistake or error, it cost 7 times more to fix it, if it can be fixed. We should know as fixing other people's problem seems to be prevailent nowadays. If you have a good programmer in your team, try to keep him.

Frankly it is difficult to fix bugs created by others.

Work in Progress

Surely, if we have more than 24 hours in a day, we could do more. A wiseperson once said, you have to live as if there is no tommorrow. You decide.

Finding time to update my first web-site dedicated to environmental issues at and Commonwealth Games 97

Trying to better see our own (launching soon)

more ? yeap but its secret.

2.  Problems/Solutions

Our forte is in coming up with smart solutions. See Samples here.

University need funding. Parents need to fix their child's future school fees.

Solution: Create a system where the future price risk is transferred to University wherein said risk is priced and paid by parents. Income here becomes the funding needed. Now US Patent 7,395,234

Similarly, a vehicle manufacturer need to sell and vehicle buyers wishing to hedge future vehicle cost. vehicleoption

Similarly, a bank wish to protect their shares portfolio from downturn. Depositors looking for higher return but do not mind purchasing shares of their choice at lower value. So whats the connection ? Bank can pay a fee on top of the interest to the depositors when they could not buy the shares at the lower price. When the market falls, the depositors get to buy the shares at the lower price directly from the banks/portfolio manager. This also means less selling on the open market and in a way prevent panic. It is well known that smart investors only buy when market is down and sell when its up, so our solution mimics this behavior.


More Creations


Auction system, where banks bid for your deposit ( US PATENT 7,376,612 )

( Reseller for Dr Looi)

Java Upload Component
( Reseller for Budi Kurniawan-former Director of ECORPnu)


This includes land option calculator and others pre-cursor to our vehicleoption website. Mainly academic.
Inter-telcos mobile payment system. Still work in progress and protected under US Patent 7461010 .
A personal website where I rant about the various banking products.
My rant on Malaysia
My collection of laws applicable in Sabah (check updates)


Domain name dispute
Domain name was taken from us and this is our story

3. News

Some of our US Patents are 7376612, 7395234 and 7461010. We even contributed to the betterment of this planet by inventing carbon credit option system (see Australia Innovation Patent # 2006100751- Issued 4 Sept 2006)

We are happy to discuss issues/concepts with people. But before you shout your idea and if its commercially valuable, please get some protection. This is to protect yourself and us. Check out WWW.USPTO.GOV or your local IP center.

The bottom line is that to make money you need 60 % hardwork + determination, 30 % Luck and 10 % Brainwork, even if you are a genius.

My method for a fairer funding system for small start up. I think we all deserve some recognition to our ideas and concepts

  Our Expertise

Well, besides the typical database, webserver-client stuff, we also look at patenting issues particularly for USPTO.

Say if you are going to spend US 200,000 for a website on concepts that may bring you a lot of profit, surely you would like to dig around to see how to protect yourself or at the very minimum prevent others from doing the same.

If you think this is unrealistic then think again. You do not want your clients coming to you and saying they received a cease and desist order from your competitors.

Our cost, we charge according to time spend on the project.

 ECORPNU And Future

We started in June 1999 (in Sydney, Australia) and since then, we had up and downs. This is a tough business but when I get up in the morning, the only thing I could think of doing is this. Been bitten by sharks a couple of times, but they come with the territory. My advice to CS grads is to get a law degree and to be cautious when dealing with non techinical people.

As for the future, we have strategically placed as many as over 27 patent applications, mostly in payment and finance related systems. Given the latest supreme court decision on Ebay v MercExchange (16 May 2006) in regards to granting injunction, it appears the bar has been raised higher. It does however excluded the reasoning of the district court on the point that an injunction be denied on the grounds one could license it. From now on it is a case by case basis at the district level and it could depend on the owner's intention for the patent.

Other creations -



spy cam

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